At Yimello Smoothies ®, we create all natural, gourmet smoothies and make them easily available to our customers.

Our journey began when our founder, Kostas discovered that it was nearly impossible to eat healthy, real food with his busy schedule. He opened our food truck in the summer of 2015 serving quick, delicious, gourmet smoothies around Connecticut.

After serving thousands of customers, he kept being told “I wish I could have your smoothies every day!”. The people asked, and we delivered!

We believe that "healthy" should be easy, convenient and affordable to all!  We want our customers to experience all the endless health benefits that our smoothies have to offer. We truly care about the wellbeing of our customers. 

Founder & CEO

We proudly use the finest, highest quality fruit, and NEVER add thickeners, preservatives or sugar to any of our gourmet smoothies 

We said NO to GMO! All of our smoothies are made without any Genetically Modified Organisms

Guess what...Fruit is naturally Gluten free!